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United Kingdom
Aleyah | 18 | London | doing an art foundation thing at college (not uni)

● doodler, musician, optimist, tea drinker, clueless idiot, an actual potato, a short asian person, daydreamer & paper crane maker (ᴖ ᴥ ᴖ ✿ )
● my art style has been all over the place this year I'm sorry u v u
● I like cute anime, cute everything, music, food, disney and animated films, marvel and japanese fashion awh yeah

:heart: You should probably check out my amazing friends: :heart:

"Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth"
"Chaque jour est une bonne journée’"
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
Ohey ^ U ^

((prepare for a very long journal))

I've been very inactive due to school and life in general, I'm so sorry about that. I should be posting more art soon as I want/need to get back into drawing things, especially for portfolio for university applications c: I'm plan to make an art tumblr so I can post doodles and sketches. I might put a few on here too but i'll probably just put my final pieces here (and on there too) yay c: I'll let you know when I've set it up and everything c:

I HAVE FINISHED A-LEVEL ART YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM. I really did not enjoy it all too much, I was quite uninspired most of the time my teachers were not very approving of my ideas a lot of the time and they were very boring and not all that helpful. Also our last subject area/theme was the least broad topic you could get and it took me absolutely forever to find an idea for it that wasn't boring ugh. But now I can draw what I want and what I like yay! This also means i'll probably be posting more art hurrah! > U < But I'll try to find some of the stuff I am proud of and put it up on here when I get everything back c:

So at the moment, I'm looking into doing either illustration or animation at university, I'm leaning more towards animation at the moment. But the trouble i'm having at the moment is finding out which would be the best place for me to study at. I don't really want to stay in London as I've lived here my whole life so far, I want to explore! (tbh the furthest north i've been in England is Alton Towers lol. i think i've been to more countries in the world than places in England/UK haha). I'm visiting Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) and Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) soon as they will be most likely where I'm going to apply, they both look super cool and both towns themselves look lovely * U * If anyone can recommend any other arts universities then that would be a huge help thanks ; w ; I think my dream job at the moment is to work for Disney or Dreamworks or CN or Nickelodeon or anything like that with doing animations for cartoons or concept art or visual development or character design it would be so cool omg <3 

Also considering how obsessed with Frozen I am, I haven't done much fanart for it ahaha ^ U ^;;; I've been doodling a lot in my sketchbooks so I can upload some sketches if you want? c: I'll do a proper big piece soon!, either digital or with my watercolours (: (speaking of which i really need to get back into using photoshop for art. I haven't done anything but photo editing on there for ages orz)

Oh I was at London MCM Expo last weekend working at a stall. It was so fun and I got to see many friends (and make a few new ones too <3) and I ended up having a great time (despite being heavily stressed when the stall got busy ahaha;;;; ) Though I always forget to take photos and i'm always too shy to ask cosplayers for photos ahaha xD;; (my friends forced me to go up to 2 girls who were dressed as Anna and Elsa bc I thought they were amazing but was way too shy to go and ask u ~ u)

Also I turned 18 back in February which is craaaazy since I look like i'm 12 or something and let's face it, which 18 year old gets tupperware with cartoon sea animals on it, an Anna (Frozen) plush doll, magic markers, and a cup with cartoon animals all over it for their birthday? Me. Also being able to do so many things now is scary, like voting o n o And then having to pay more to do things sucks - n - (but I still get away with teen cinema tickets and stuff bc I look younger aaayyyy).

Also my mum is doing so much better than ever, she went to the hospital for a check up back in March and she doesn't need to go back until October I think so I'm so happy/relieved that everything's going well at the moment! I know nothing will be the same again pre-July 2012 but I think everything is turning out for the best so far ^ U ^

Anyways, I hope ya'll are great and such, thanks for sticking with me even though i've been m.i.a for a while c:

Aleyah ♥

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